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Envision + Elevate

A manifestation workshop where you solidify a vision for your future while breaking through psychological blocks.

I walk through step-by-step goal-setting, how to create a vision board using one word, how to plot the trajectory of your past 5-7 years and why image-based manifestation is scientifically proven to help you achieve your goals.  

Key Takeaways from E+E 2020, 2021 & 2022

  • Share your gifts/processes with the world. Right now, more than ever, we need to create communities and show up for one another!

  • Holding space for people to express themselves creatively is severely underrated

  • There is so much beauty in open and honest communication - this breeds community and shared vision

  • Things don't always work out as you imagined, but the detours and roadblocks can cause some things to work out even better.

  • People LOVE scribing - which is the manifestation/ journaling practice of writing notes to/from your higher self

  • The transformation is in the transaction - this one speaks for itself

  • DANCE.  Stagnant energy is stuck energy.  Get up and move energy around; even if it's just for a minute

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